I invite you to share my lifelong journey to capture the beauty of nature

There is an immediacy to nature.

Flowers move in the wind, lose their petals and colors.

Birds ruffle their feathers, glide through the wind, change shape as they move

These natural occurrences change us

The transitory nature of light and shading sets a mood

I see variation in light

Light creates sparkle, draws the eye

I've been transported by seeing trees sunlit after rain, brilliant red leaves against the green of the ground

These moments are magical

They inspire me to paint

I see what wonderful artistic possibilities there are in an empty sheet of paper

Painting gives me such a sense of joy

Meet the Artist

Sue Fleishman

Art has always been part of my life. My mother was an artist, my role model. When I saw her painting and sketching, I wanted to do the same thing. Over the years, I have taken classes in watercolor, acrylics, figure and portrait drawing, and mixed media while working and raising a family. I have always made time for art. I use watercolor, acrylics, pencil, and mixed media for my creations.

The subjects I love to paint and sketch the most are birds, flowers, and animals. What captures my imagination are colors, textures, patterns, shapes, and creating a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface.


  • Shrewsbury Art Guild


  • "Engaging Images" A Dual Exhibition Conceived and Curated by Sue Fleishman and Elaine Brouillant, Elaine Smollin Studio Faculty WAM, Worcester Art Museum Studio 206

  • "Birds of a Feather" show at Hudson Town Hall, Hudson, MA

  • "Birds of a Feather" show at Brush Art Gallery and Studios, Lowell. MA

  • Honorable mention in " Landscape Show" at Post Road Art Center in Marlborough, MA

  • Shrewsbury Credit Union - 3/15 "Architecture" and 2/15 the theme was "Still Life"

  • Chosen for "Summer Dreaming" Juried Show at Gallery 529 in Littleton, MA

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Sue Fleishman